At Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington we take many precautions when treating our patients.  In our office we avoid the use of mercury, metals, BPA and fluoride dental products as much as possible. Dr. Railand uses the International Academy of Oral Medical Toxicology protocol when removing amalgam fillings.  We utilize the best of traditional state of the art dentistry in conjunction with highly effective and less invasive treatment options.

Our dental recommendations are based on the individual as a whole.  When evaluating the patient, Dr. Railand is not only looking at teeth but is checking for dental skeletal relationships, possible deep chronic infections, health of gums and supporting bone, biocompatibility of dental restorations, and how the overall health of the patient is being affected.  Dr. Railand will then create a personalized dental wellness plan with each patient working together with you as a partner for overall health.